Mike & Carol Kurtyka

Carol and Mike Kurtyka have been in Europe since 2002 and were part of the team that launched Communitas’ original church plant in Glasgow. They have three adult children Harrison & Lily and Sophie.

Mike is a trustee with CAI UK and also supports Upper Room church through a varied ministry to asylum seekers and refugees. Carol supports youth and women’s ministries and is actively involved in one­-to-­one discipleship and providing hospitality for the many activities around Communitas & Upper Room Church.

Their main ministry, Upper Room Church, is an English & Farsi based church made up of 250+ Iranian, Kurdish and Afghan refugees. From a small home-based Bible study of ten people in 2014, it has now grown into a church that meets weekly in a local rented church building. To learn more about the work in Glasgow, Upper Room’s website is: www.upperroomchurch.co.uk



Staff Role

Field Leadership

Time on Staff

21 Years



Carol Kurtyka

Women & Children's Ministry


Hagerstown, MD

Mike Kurtyka

Executive Pastor


Chicago, IL