Sarah Dickson

Hi there! I work as a speech-language pathologist in the local hospital in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. I studied music (vocal performance) and English literature at Depauw university and received my masters degree from Purdue University in speech pathology.

I was born in Idaho, and I am thrilled to be able to call Idaho home again.

My husband (Kevin) and I met at the Intervarsity Leadership Institute and were both very involved in Greek ministry through Intervarsity. While I was in graduate school, I served as a leader and small group coordinator for the Greek Intervarsity Chapter at Purdue as well as a worship leader at our church in Indiana.

While in college, I was able to spend a year abroad in Vienna, Austria. During that time, I was a part of a missional church in the city of Vienna. It was one of my first experiences with multicultural and missional church. I am currently part of a Communitas project, Chi Rho, a missional house church. Chi rho is a beautiful (and sometimes messy) expression of church and community, and I’m so grateful to have that community of Jesus followers in my life.

Kevin and I have a golden retriever, Henry; and we have momentarily lost our minds and decided to adopt yet another golden retriever puppy, who we shall name Samwise the brave. We love hiking, kayaking, backpacking, friendship, board games, and watching good television shows.

I am excited and honored to be a part of Communitas and the work Jesus is through this organization.


Time on Staff
3 Years


Board Member
Board Member


West Lafayette, IN

Personal Biography

I am an ENFJ and a 1 on the enneagram. I love working with World Relief, a refugee resettlement organization, and opening our home for former refugees who are resettling to the US and providing English tutoring to these amazing families.

I love dreaming and reimagining the way “church” could look and the way future generations can shape new expressions of church.