Rodney & Solea Johnson

Solea and her husband, Rodney, joined Communitas in 2014. They had served as church planters in Montevideo, Uruguay for over 15 years. During their time in Uruguay, they were constantly asking God to show them a model of what a “truly Uruguayan church” would look like among Montevideo’s professional class. Uruguayan culture is both secular and post-Christian, and Uruguayan’s are not receptive to a U.S. expression of church. 

When God closed the doors for them to return to Uruguay after their normal home assignment, Rodney and Solea’s passion and longing to see God’s kingdom established in Uruguay did not go away but instead became stronger. (Due to economic necessity, both had begun working in full-time secular employment.)

Soon after, Rodney and Solea were introduced to the LK10 Community, a grass-roots organization that shares much of Communitas’ DNA and has been training house church leaders for over 10 years. They have developed and perfected a model for “being church” that is highly relational and an almost perfect fit for Uruguayan culture. Solea has been partnering with the LK10 community and Communitas to train leaders in Uruguay and the greater Spanish speaking world. Solea is currently bi-vocational but is actively trusting God to raise up a prayer and financial support team so she can dedicate her full attention to training leaders to shepherd joy-filled, Jesus-led faith communities in the Spanish speaking world.  

Rodney and Solea have two adult children–Ryan, 25, who is pursuing his doctorate in psychology, and Cassie, 19, who is an art major and psychology minor.


Time on Staff
10 Years


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Project Member


San Francisco, CA

Personal Biography

I was born to hippy parents in the Haight Ashbury neighborhood in San Francisco in 1968 and lived on a Greek island til I was 6. Though I grew up in a non-Christian home, God had his hand upon my life from the time I was young, and I met Jesus when I was in junior high. Because of my early years in Greece, my view of the world has always been bigger than most of my peers. In high school I spent a year in Uruguay as an exchange student, and so began my love for Latin America. I love to create communities where people feel belonging, and I believe with all my heart that church = family.