Stefan & Rochelle van der Veer

Stefan and Rochelle and their children are an international family. Originally from Canada, Rochelle met Stefan, a Dutchman, at a Leadership conference hosted by the Willow Creek Community Church in November, 1995. After learning about church leadership, they each returned to their homes and kept in contact.

In August 1997 they married in Vancouver, Canada, and set up house in Den Haag, the Netherlands. They have both been actively involved in a number of areas of ministry in their home church there, including music, children’s worship, administration and leadership.

After heeding the call to the South of France, they have become involved in building relationships with both English and French residents in their community. They are presently involved in the leadership team of a multi-national non-denominational church in the Pézenas area.

They have been able to purchase an old school building and are in the process of renovating it in order to be able to run a ministry center and summertime holiday centre for larger Christian families, among others. The center will be called Maison de la Plume.



Staff Role

Project Leads

Time on Staff

13 Years

Stefan van der Veer


Voorburg, the Netherlands

Personal Biography

Born in the Netherlands, with parents that got to know each other in Dutch Indonesia and got married in South Africa, married to Rochelle from Vancouver, Canada. Always interested in meeting people from other countries, writing to people in Germany and Zwitserland in my teen years, now living in Southern France.


Rochelle van der Veer


Vancouver, BC

Personal Biography

Granddaughter of two CRC pastors, my parents spent most of their childhood moving and travelling around North America. Having studied Music, I went on a ministry-led visit to a church conference in the US and met my Dutch husband. 20+ Years later I have served in Children’s and music ministries and am happy to live at Maison de la Plume in Roujan, France.