Tony Sheng

Tony is involved in technology for his day job and runs The Ember Cast, a student missions leadership org, bi-vocationally. The Shengs first got involved with Communitas in 2007 when they brought a team of students to help run the kids’ programs at Connect. Since then, they’ve had multiple touchpoints with Communitas that have included various churches, staff friendships, and The Ember Cast partnering with Communitas for multiple summer experiences. Tony is passionate about catalyzing cross-cultural competencies in emerging leaders and sees a lot of overlap between Ember and Communitas.

Tony and Deanna are based in Columbia, Maryland. Deanna is a reading tutor, Katie is in graduate school and Emily is in her second year of college. Katie and Emily occasionally visit home depending on where in the world they are at the moment.


Time on Staff
3 Years


International Board
International Board


Columbia, Maryland, USA

Personal Biography

Developer, Futuristic, Arranger, Positivity, WOO-baby.