Careful financial planning can be beneficial to you and your heirs and allow you to leave an enduring legacy to support Communitas International’s missionary and social mission for generations to come.

With a planned gift to Communitas International you can:

  • Make a larger charitable gift than you thought possible
  • Take care of the financial needs of your family first
  • Provide inheritances for your heirs at a lower tax cost
  • Reduce your income tax
  • Avoid capital gains taxes
  • Diversify your investment portfolio
  • Increase income and effective rate of return
  • Leave a legacy without giving up assets

There are many ways to create an endowment generating income that will sustain Communitas for years to come, while at the same time providing yourself and your family (or other beneficiaries) with significant tax benefits. In addition to outright, tax-deductible cash gifts, here are several creative ways to give to Communias International:

Gifts of Stock and Real Estate

Gifts of long-term stock, mutual funds or real estate offer an easy and tax-efficient way to make a lasting contribution to our organization. Your gifts will avoid capital gain taxes and reduce federal income tax. To ensure you are entitled to receive the most beneficial tax treatment, please discuss it with your financial advisor and us before you sell your securities.

Gifts of Tangible Personal Property

As with gifts of stock and real estate, a donor will be entitled to a deduction as a result of a contribution of personal property. However, the deduction will be based on whether the item donated is related to our mission. If the gift you make is used in furthering our mission, you will receive a charitable deduction for income tax purposes for the full fair-market value of the property donated. If not, you receive an income tax charitable deduction equal to your cost basis in the asset (typically what you paid for the property).

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Giving from a Retirement Account

If you are required to withdraw a minimum amount from a qualified retirement plan (such as an IRA) each year but don’t need all the income, you might wish to minimize taxes on the withdrawn amount by making a charitable contribution directly from the IRA. The “Qualified Charitable Distribution” is not taxed and counts toward your Required Minimum Distribution. The funds MUST go directly from your financial advisor to a qualified non-profit and not to you. Anyone age 70 ½ or older may make such gifts up to $100,000 per year per person to a qualified charity such as Communitas International.

Designating Communitas International as a Beneficiary or Owner of a Life Insurance Policy

You can name us as primary beneficiary of your term or whole life insurance policy or as contingent beneficiary, should your other beneficiaries not survive you. You may also gift a “paid-up” whole life policy changing the ownership to us it with a portion of the cash values being tax deductible. It is important for you to check with your insurance agent and us to ensure the correct and easy process.

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Charitable Bequests Provided in Your Will

One of the simplest ways to provide an enduring gift of support to Communitas International is through your Will or Revocable Living Trust. By including us in your estate plans, you can specify that some or all of your assets come to us after your lifetime. At that time, the asset(s) you specify will pass to us, and your estate can take a charitable deduction for the amount of your bequest, reducing the estate taxes payable. You may contact us for the specific wording and our tax identification number.

Life Estates

Life Estates are also a useful tool for making a substantial gift by donating your home or farm without having to vacate the property or give up any benefits you currently enjoy from the property. You will receive a charitable tax deduction up front for the donation to charity, but the gift’s benefits and responsibilities remain yours until the time of your choosing, which is usually after the donor’s death.

Life Income Gifts

A Life Income Gift is a highly effective way to contribute assets to our organization, while allowing you to keep an income for yourself and others for the remainder of your life, their lives or a fixed term of years. To create a Life Income Gift, you make an irrevocable gift of cash, securities or real estate and in return, receive an income (fixed or variable, depending on the option you choose). After your lifetime and/or the lifetime(s) of other designated beneficiaries, the remaining balance of your gift would be used to support us in whatever designated area you desire to support our missionary mission.

Your age, assets, and income objectives will help you to determine the best type of Life Income Gift. A fixed income option would be a Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust (CRAT), while a variable income option is the Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT).

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Please be advised that the information provided here is not intended as tax or legal advice, but as accurate and authoritative general information on planned giving. For legal advice, please consult with your attorney and/or tax advisor.

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