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Matt and Toni Daniels

Matt & Toni Daniels
Location Montevideo, Uruguay
Position Uruguay Field Leaders, Latin American Advancement Team
Email matt.daniels@geronimocenter.org
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/zathe
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Our mission as leaders of Communitas Uruguay is to multiply churches among the globally-minded segments of the population in Montevideo and surrounding areas, with these communities serving as agents of extending God’s kingdom in all its fullness across all socio- economic strata.

1. Who we are

We grew up in Memphis, TN, calling Central Church (formerly Presbyterian, now independent) our home. While in the M. Div. program at Columbia International University, we began a relationship with Communitas, a church-planting organization focused on post-modern, post-Christian Europe. In Montevideo since 2001, we joined Communitas in 2005, creating greater synergy in our efforts at beginning new Christ-communities among similar populations locally. We have three kids, Alejandra (2000), Anne (2009), and Matt, Jr. (2010).

Matt is an apostolic-innovator type, harnessing his Anthropology, Theological, and Pastoral backgrounds to help families, teams, and communities join Jesus in living out a new cultural narrative. Toni brings an empathic, pastoral, prophetic voice to her work discipleship and leadership formation.

2. About Uruguay

3.6 million inhabitants. 50% live in Montevideo. Most secular nation in the Americas. Size of Washington State. GDP $12,000 per capita. 47% Catholic (1% practicing). 23% “Believe in God without Religion” 17% Atheist / Agnostic. 5% Evangelical. Aggressive secularization in the early 20th century. Known as “graveyard of missions.”

3. Ministry Strategy: Four Spaces, Overlapping to see Christ’s Kingdom come.

We have been commended with the serious task of seeing churches born and grow where they have NEVER grown before. This involves creativity, experimentation, observation, and putting into practice new ways of extending the Kingdom of God through small communities among the post-modern, post-Christian, emerging culture in Montevideo.

Our focus is creating environments that foster Kingdom growth. In these overlapping spaces we see people beginning a relationship with Christ and His body, learning how to walk with Him, and joining Him in His mission to “seek and save that which was lost” as He builds His church.

  • Announcing Peace: The Wide Angle
    (Sphere of impact: 100,000-2 million) Mass communication & Social Media
    By using the web, YouTube videos, and other social media, we are creating a contextualized message for the masses: Joy Changes Everything. Peace is Possible. As people scratch the surface of this message, they discover a non-profit, Geronimo Center, which offers pathways for implementing innovation and leadership development in Business, Faith & Family, and Arts & Cultural initiatives
  • “Environments of Peace”: Mid-sized missional communities and initiatives
    (Sphere of impact: 50 - 1,000 people)
    Leaders in our community start new initiatives where Christ is exalted. From businesses to cultural initiatives, 
    these “relational spheres of influence” allow people to see and experience the Gospel in real time. Some of these “environments” become church congregations, others become missional businesses and non-profit organizations.
  • Formation groups: Taking growth to the next level
    (Sphere of impact: 50 - 500 people)
    These daily and weekly communities of practice are where people live out the Church. Listening to each other and to the Lord, community members deepen their knowledge of the Word and their practice of love of God, their neighbor, themselves, and the world.
  • Coaching and Spiritual Direction: Leadership development to the max.
    As we minister in the first three stages, leaders emerge which can change the entire culture. We walk with them through core issues of inner development to help unlock and harness their leadership potential.


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