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Mike Kuder

Mike Kuder
Location New Jersey, USA
Position Communitas/Forge Partnership Implementor
Website http://www.mikekuder.com/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mikekuder
Email mkuder@gocommunitas.org
Team Member ID 41169


Mike was born and raised in Northern New Jersey. He spent the first 20+ years of his working life building the family business alongside his parents. In 2004 he had his first exposure to mission and ministry in Europe. Observing the vast difference between American Christian culture and that of post-modern, post-christendom Europe was a life-changing experience which led to a decade of study and practice of missional incarnational ministry.

Mike’s served as a youth leader, and most recently as elder and pastor of a large growing church in NJ, where he trained and empowered leaders and everyday folks to embrace mission as lifestyle. “Helping others imagine themselves as God’s instruments of the kingdom” is his passion.

Mike continues to reside in Northern New Jersey with his wife of 25 years, Heidi, and their two beautiful daughters, Madeleine and Brigitte. “We love the incredible culture, diversity, and yes, even the challenges that are afforded to us because of our close proximity to New York City - the greatest city in the world!”

FUN FACT: Mike graduated from culinary school in New York City with a blue ribbon, and enjoys cooking for family and friends as well as to serve and bless others.

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