Chi Rho Community

We believe church is present whenever and wherever we see mission, worship, and community collide.  We also believe it is our calling at Chi Rho to raise up a community of missionaries that are passionate about Christ and who boldly want to live a life of mission and Kingdom expression.  We understand that the church and its people do not create Kingdom, but rather are called to point to it and live according to Kingdom principles. Chi Rho seeks to exist within the ideal expressed by Lesslie Newbigin wherein he states, “The Bible functions as authority only within a community that is committed to faith and obedience and is embodying that commitment in an active discipleship that embraces the whole of life, public and private.” And lastly, we are driven to BE disciples and thereby MAKE disciples.


Project Stage

Mature - they are regularly meeting as a church and faith community

Project Age

11 Years

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