Our History

In 2009, five people from the Oasis Church of Madrid were commissioned to start a church in the neighborhood of Malasaña. The idea was simple: to love God, to love others and to love Malasaña.

The Neighborhood.

For this idea to become reality, they committed to living in Malasaña and spending their first year praying and observing the neighborhood. They looked for ways to integrate into the community, join local life and find friends. The second year they got involved in concrete initiatives in the neighborhood to create a space for spiritual exploration. They are active members of cultural groups, neighborhood associations and schools.

The Community.

Meanwhile, they also made a mutual commitment to practice the way of Jesus. They started a gathering on Tuesday nights, sharing food, prayer times and the Bible. It became a family.

The Art.

In the process of getting to know themselves and the neighborhood, they discovered their mutual love for art. Currently, most of them are involved in the artistic community of Malasaña. This participation has included art exhibitions, concerts, book presentations, photography, as well as collaborative projects with local galleries, schools and neighborhood associations. They have also launched an artist-in-residence program.


When it came time to give a name to this growing family, they decided on the French word, Découpage, which is the art of decorating an object with cutout designs or illustrations, usually from paper, and then applying a layer of varnish. Mostly used on furniture, the result resembles a mosaic of paper. The name is certainly strange, but it fits the group perfectly. They live in a unique neighborhood and are in an unusual church. Each person is unique, just like the pieces in a decoupage, but together we are a community united by Christ. The Découpage story continues. We invite you to be part of it.


Project Stage

Closed - Project is no longer active

Project Age

13 Years

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