The Table Dublin

The Table is a Jesus-centred community of faith in Dublin, Ireland. We currently meet on the Northside of Dublin and our hope is to start a network of micro-churches across the city that live out the reality of the Kingdom of God.

Rather than a large Sunday gathering in city centre, we are focused on embedding within the communities where people live.
We exist to provide safe spaces where people can explore the life and claims of Jesus in an encouraging, supportive, and grace-filled environment while allows people to express and wrestle with their doubts.

We desire to be a community where questions are as important as answers and the journey matters more than the destination.

We are:
• Missional (apostolic) (Up)
• Relational (In)
• Incarnational (Out)

Why The Table?
The gospels show us many images of Jesus seated at the table. The table was a place of significant ministry in the life of Jesus. It was a place of teaching, a place of prayer, and a place of healing.
At the table, Jesus ate with the important and the unimportant.

The table is a place for:

Dialogue not monologue
Reclining…relaxation…not performance.

Additionally, the table is a place:

of invitation and challenge;
of ritual and rhythm;
of hospitality,
where life happens.


Project Stage

Early - this project is active and has a team behind it

Project Age

7 Years

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