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Do you dream about starting churches?

That’s an exciting, large, and faithfilled dream. Your dream to start and shape faith communities that love like Jesus is right up our alley. We would love to learn more about the dream and calling that God has given you.

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There is more information, stories, and examples that invite you to see our future together.

Community is waiting for you

Every big calling requires community. You’re going to want peers called to similar eternity-shaping work. It’s important to have peers to encourage you, to learn from, to share with, and to have an organization designed to support you along the way.

Consider this an invitation to further explore what Communitas has been doing for decades, and to imagine yourself being a part of this global community of Christian faith leaders. We are always open to those who share our passion to start and shape communities of faith that love like Jesus in their neighborhoods.

Large Staff Photo in front of building

Our deeply personal God invites us to unique and personal expressions of Church.

Homeless person on street at night

A church in Brussels builds friendships with the homeless through shared meals in the soup kitchen, revealing that God provides for those in need.

People walking down a city street

A church in Eastern Europe embraces orphans and helps them grow into mature adults.

Man working on a roof

A church in Montevideo launches an eco-friendly building concept that will provide sustainable livelihoods for many.

A man shows his pet cat to a homeless person on the street

A church in Minneapolis clothes the homeless with physical and spiritual warmth.

Friends toasting at a dinner party

A church in Madrid expresses hospitality through the amazing parties they throw.

Though not exclusive to Communitas, these examples describe a few of the ways our churches are proclaiming God ́s redemptive love and leading people into saving faith. How might God be inviting you?

Dynamic Adventure

Man teaches from a book

Patterns began to emerge out of decades of experience planting communities of faith. This is not a step-by-step plan to follow that results in a church. Instead, this guide drives your community to discover a unique expression of faith Jesus invites you to live out in your context. Helping you start and shape communities of faith that love like Jesus in your neighborhood. 

It is at the core of how we do ministry, and is used in a variety of contexts. This guide is used beyond Communitas, by ministers and church planters across the globe starting churches.

Join us in seeing how the Dynamic Adventure helps you start a community of faith.

Begin with Incarnational Presence

Outdoor restaurant patio in a city

Embed and Initiate is the foundation for your ministry. Listening to how God is moving, learning your local context, and taking the first small steps with God’s invitation.

Build upon Contextual Practices

Man and Woman sit on a couch, reading books

Practicing and Maturing builds on what was started. Forming disciples and reinforcing your identity in Christ to transform lives. Meeting together regularly as a church.

Extend beyond your Church

Overlook of a large city and hills

Hub and Extend propels people outward. Reaching surrounding neighborhoods, cities, and countries. This is when our churches multiply.

Though these six dynamics provide a guide for starting and growing a church, the expression of church can look very different depending on the context.

It’s about Context.

Communitas approaches each of our church plants with our Six Dynamics in mind, ensuring our churches are growing and maturing along the way. Leaders are coached in these concepts in ways distinct to their context. It is far more art than science, more fluid than static, and more messy than one can imagine.

But that’s also what makes it exciting.

Joining God at work. Jumping into the flow of His redemptive purposes in a city. Incarnating His life and presence in ways that invite people to walk toward Jesus Christ. Experiencing the kind of church Jesus died to establish.

We are a global movement of people working alongside God to grow his kingdom through the Church. We invite you to learn more about our approach to planting and growing churches.

Explore how we start and support communities of faith