Building Community to Change Lives

While speaking to a parent from his daughter’s school in Dublin, Ireland, a Communitas church planter was asked what he did. He replied, “We create spaces where people can talk about faith and Jesus – safe spaces where they can ask questions and express doubts, and it’s okay. Here is no judgment.” The response? “Do you know Irish people will look at you like you are out of your mind? I can’t imagine any Irish person who would be interested in something like that.”  And they then proceeded to have a 45 minute discussion on Jesus, grace, and forgiveness!

No country in Europe has changed more dramatically over that past 50 years than Ireland. From a poor, traditional, insular nation, Ireland has become one of the wealthiest, most progressive, cosmopolitan, and globalized nations in the world. As Ireland continues to change, it needs churches who are willing to incarnate Jesus in their cities and towns.

Bob and Elizabeth moved to Dublin in 2012 with a desire to find ways to connect with and serve their community. Elizabeth began teaching violin in her home and and eventually in schools in Dublin. They recognized that many others in their neighborhood, like themselves, were new to Ireland and in need of community. They began regularly throwing parties and hosting dinners, which at times included more than 30 people from over 10 nations. As this community grows, it has provided people with the networks and relationships they need to thrive in their new city.

They have also partnered with others across the city to start neighborhood-based communities of faith. Working with another Communitas family, Phily and Martha, as well as Jesus followers from other organizations, they have started The Table which seeks to see missional communities and neighborhood-based churches started in Dublin.

Communitas starts and shapes churches who think, care and act like Jesus in the world. Practically, this means that connections within community are paramount to starting fresh expressions of church. Will you pray with us as Bob and Elizabeth, and so many other Communitas staff around the world, work hard to see the Gospel impact their cities and nations? Thank you for partnering with us in this Kingdom work!

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