Communitas Twin Cities Helps the Under-served Amidst Covid

In the Twin Cities, Minnesota, a missional project came to the aid of many in the community, as Covid hit those who are under-served the hardest.

Whether it was putting someone up in a hotel because they were sleeping in a porta-potty, or paying for a veteran’s vehicle brake repair so he could continue to have transportation, or helping someone move across town who had no vehicle, Communitas Twin Cities was a light needed in the community, helping in tangible ways.

In one instance, one of the members of their community, let’s call him “Tom,” had been living in a subsidized apartment where meth was smoked constantly by a neighbor. His apartment was in an old, downtown St. Paul building that was once filled with offices where windows couldn’t be opened. “Tom” had been getting physically sick from the fumes for over a year. 

Communitas Twin Cities purchased a high-quality air filter for him which initially helped a little. Finally, however, social services found him a new place to live! Definite prayers answered! 

“More and more, we are seeing this ministry become what it was intended to be!” says Dianna McCartan, lead pastor. “We have grown to care for and trust each other. We are able to be safety nets and a support for each other because of the relationships we have built and the awareness of needs brought to us. In this way, we are lifting each other up, helping each other from falling. People don’t feel so alone and love is more than a word.”

For a few months while COVID was impacting many, Communitas Twin Cities paused on meeting Saturdays and instead delivered meals, bus cards, and other resources. Despite not meeting, however, the one-on-one time through the months of deliveries deepened their relationships with each other and with the community in unexpected ways. 

After being able to gather again after restrictions were lifted, everyone had a renewed spirit and joy from seeing each other again.

Communitas Twin Cities has been and continues to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a community often overlooked by others. Jesus stood up for the marginalized and cared for those in poverty and in need. Missional projects with Communitas all across the world continue to partner with the Lord in pursuing justice and restoration for all.