“I ready for Jesus now. Can you show me?”

UNITED KINGDOM –– Hassan*, a Kurdish young man from western Iran, walked into the Upper Room church. From the very beginning, he began asking question upon question about the differences between what was taught there and what was taught in his strict Islamic upbringing.

The Communitas church he walked into is highly focused on refugees and immigrants from Central Asia, including Iran and Afghanistan. Our leaders there were ready to answer the questions pressing on his mind.

One weekend, after the online-only service due to Corona-lockdowns, he responded to one of the Bible teachings. We concluded with a strong invitation to give one’s life to Jesus. He texted one of our missional leaders in his broken English: “I ready for Jesus now. Can you show me?”


We praised God as the next day we celebrated the privilege of guiding Hassan as he put his trust in Jesus! One of our young Farsi-speaking leaders from the church came along to translate.

A recent report shows 1.5% of Iranians claiming Christianity as their religion. But work in Iran is extremely closed. There is still much work to be done, and we are excited we are able to meet Hassan and so many others who are searching for truth after escaping from harsh conditions in their homelands!

Communitas starts and shapes communities of faith that love like Jesus in their neighborhoods. Can you think of a better way to spend our lives? Would you join us in praying ardently for Hassan as our team disciples him in his faith walk with Jesus and walks with him as he shares his faith with friends–and even his family? 

With you, we are witnessing precious souls responding to the Holy Spirit’s prompting to follow Christ. Would you like to join this amazing work on the field? If yes, please reach out to our team. Thank you for your partnership!

*Name and photo changed for privacy

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