No Longer Invisible

Anna was abandoned by her mother at an early age and was thought to be an intellectually/cognitively disabled mute. She never spoke and showed little ability to learn or function. The local government moved her from orphanage to orphanage with no regard for her welfare. Anna was an invisible child, moving from place to place without anyone caring for her, investing in her, or showing her any love. Her life was very bleak.

Then, one amazing woman showed up at her orphanage to volunteer to teach children how to care for themselves: very basic tasks like tying shoes, brushing teeth, and making a bed. This lady took notice of Anna. She showed her extra attention, and Anna responded. Soon, Anna was learning and achieving things no one thought possible… even learning to read!

Anna was moved to a higher-functioning orphanage where she met our church’s ministry team. Anna loved being a part of the team’s weekly ministry. She took part in all their classes and events. In her last year at the orphanage, Anna applied for the church’s orphan graduate program and was accepted. In this program church members care for kids coming out of the system and teach them basic life skills. Anna has excelled in every way.

Today, Anna has a good job and rents an apartment with one of her girlfriends. She is a regular attender at church and enjoys going to her weekly girls’ discipleship group. Communitas churches seek God’s Shalom for their neighborhoods and cities. Around Moscow, our churches are known far and wide—by believers and nonbelievers alike—as “those people who care for the orphans.” This is GOOD NEWS to the world!

With your prayers and partnership, Anna is no longer invisible. Anna is thriving and being discipled by people who love her. She is becoming all God has made her to be.

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