Praying for Disciples in Italy

One of our core values within Communitas International is “Kingdom Seeking,” which means we embrace the daily rhythms of our lives as opportunities to include others in our communities so that they see Jesus in us–and we see Jesus in them. Stefano wanted to pray through his day with Kingdom seeking eyes. 

“After meditating more on this idea with Roberto, a Communitas team member who works closely with me,” shares Stefano, “I focused on the second phase of Jesus’ ministry (between his baptism and the call to ministry of the first four disciples in Mark 1:16-20).”

“We asked ourselves these questions:

  • “Did Jesus come into the disciples’ lives? Or did Jesus invite the disciples into His life? Or maybe some of both? Which came first?  
  • “We call ourselves followers of Jesus, which implies that we must walk as Jesus walked (1 John 2:6). What can we learn from Jesus as we pursue a missional lifestyle?

“We ask these questions of ourselves with the hope that they will help us live out our vision and mission as Communitas Italia.”

Since January, God has led Stefano into the business world through his and Roberto’s kingdom seeking prayer. And God is moving! Stefano intentionally started a consulting office to serve the community of business owners in the area. 

“As Jesus comes and lives among us, I need to go and live among business owners,” says Stefano. “I need to get to know their lives, their language and their culture to build up strong relationships that point to Jesus!”

Every morning Stefano walks and prays to seek where the Lord is already working and how he can join Him. “Sometimes it seems that nothing is moving… but God is faithful,” says Stefano. “Just like the vision of Communitas International: Transformed lives, Transformed neighborhoods, a Transformed world. We believe that God wants to reach every area of the society of Italy and transform it.” 

Stefano keeps praying for the business world, following each step that Jesus gives him to follow. “I realize that I cannot plan with business owners to meet regularly and as Jesus came into the life of the disciples I need to do the same, be there when they are available, be involved in the rhythm of their life and keep praying, care for them and share life with them.”

God has given Stefano the vision of a Christian alliance consulting business to serve businesses through the current economic crisis, to pray for business owners and help them via professional consulting… and sharing the love of Jesus.

“Today I can talk about Dario. He owns a restaurant and I often meet him weekly at various times, it can be at 7 am for a coffee or during the break time during his busy day,” Stefano says. “I pray for him and share Jesus every time. God opens the door for that.”

Stefano sees how God is blessing the business owners in his neighborhood through this work, as he pursues the character and the priorities of Jesus. “I am realizing who I am in Christ and how He wanna use me. God is leading me into the business world to make disciples to make disciples!”

Will you pray with us for Stefano… and for the peoples of Italy and beyond… as Communitas teams engage them with the Good News of the Gospel? Your prayer today makes a difference!

Told by Communitas leader Stefano, in Italy