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10 Everyday Summer Kick Starts To Missional Living


It’s the little things that count. True love in the small things. Living missionally is not difficult in the “skill” sense but it is difficult in the “make-it-a-priority” sense. Small, simple, consistent acts of love add up and give God more grace space in which to work. Here are 10 ideas to inspire you this…

Published 4 August 2017

Don’t Worry About The Dones

I am done

The “Dones” are leaving church, reportedly, in droves. They even have their own website. One of them simply said, “I’m just done. I’m done with church.” But is this really what he meant? No clarification needed? According to the article, “John” has not abandoned his faith. Just church. Or, should we say, church the way he experienced…

Published 3 August 2017

Meeting Needs Unaware: The Gospel According To The iPhone


“Consumers don’t understand what they want until they see it.” This quote from Steve Jobs (former founder and CEO of Apple) reveals much of his innovative business genius. Jobs didn’t give a lot of time to market research. He was confident in his ability, and that of his talented team, to design amazing consumer electronic goods that would…

Published 4 August 2017

Simple Missionality – Easier Than Baking A Cake?


Sometimes when I read books or blogs on missional living, I get confused. All of the jargon, made-up words, and fancy metaphors trip me up. Might as well ask me to make your wedding cake. When it comes to loving the people who live nearby, it’s really not all that complicated. You don’t have to…

Published 19 July 2017

Why Invest In A Missional Movement?


As believers, we are all called to stewardship… of our time, our talents, our treasures. Within CA, we are passionate about stewardship; about being clear that everything God has given us is his, and that he might ask us to do something with “his” possessions that goes against our human desires. Kingdom-minded people understand that…

Published 4 August 2017