Human Resources
Communitas Mobilization Team - International Church Planting

Mission Statement

Providing excellent service for each person throughout their ministry journey or pathway with Communitas. Therefore, we will guard each person and guard Communitas through spiritual and ethical leadership, all the while providing said service with grace and mercy.

Functions of the HR Team:

  •  The Human Resources team is here to support each person in Communitas! We participate in each person’s journey from the time when they first encounter Communitas all the way through to when someone leaves our staff. 
  • We support the selection and onboarding process
  • We assist in assessments throughout a staff person’s career with Communitas
  • We are there to help with transitions to the field or ministry location
  • We help and encourage Interns as they follow this unique pathway
  • We maintain and safeguard all staff documents and information
  • We assist with support planning and ongoing payroll
  • The HR Team in partnership with the Pathways Coordinator (Erin Preshoot) manage the Virtual Explore and Engage process

We work closely with other teams within the organization to help everyone accomplish their goals.

  • The Staff Care and Development Team is an integral part of working with HR to provide a healthy ministry environment for staff members
  • Operations and Finance: it is truly a team effort as we work together to take care of each persons support and finances!