Staff Care and Development
Communitas Mobilization Team - International Church Planting

Mission Statement

The SCD Team is comprised of staff with a passion to help our fellow staff THRIVE in life and on mission.  It is our foundational belief that as each of us grow in our relationship with Jesus, maturing emotionally and spiritually, we will be better able to experience the all-encompassing love of God. And out of this love experienced, we are transformed and equipped to pass on to others what we received from God. 

The SCD Team strives to care for the holistic wellbeing of our staff, including soul wellbeing, which includes each staff person’s spiritual, emotional and character development.
We endeavor to:

  • Support each staff member in developing their own robust and comprehensive self-care support system
  • Develop resources for our staff, both externally and internally,
  • Encourage mutual care within our Communitas community.

We focus on learning opportunities such as spiritual formation practices and retreats,  Emotionally Healthy Spirituality learning cohorts, FUEL Leader Development cohorts, StrengthsFinder training, coaching, as well as many spiritual practices and personal development learning opportunities.

Additionally, we provide:

  • Support missionary families and children;
  • Cultural Intensives (CQ) for cross-cultural transitions;
  • Coaching for Home Ministry Assignments and Sabbaticals;
  • Ministry Partner Development (MPD) support,
  • On-going spiritual formation and prayer support;
  • Team building opportunities