Why Should I Plant a Church?

We, as Christians, are called to carry out the Great Commission and carry the good news of Jesus to all the ends of the earth. But there are lots of ways to do that. 

One of the most important and historic methods of sharing the Gospel is through church planting. If you are passionate about joining the mission field, consider these reasons why you might be called to plant a church.

What is a Church Plant?

A church plant is a new christian community in its most early stage – usually supported by an existing organization or church.

You may be thinking to yourself “why do we need new churches?” or “don’t we have enough churches? Why not just encourage people to attend existing churches?”

But the act of church planting is vital to the spread of the gospel and integral to the growth of the Kingdom of God.

Further, we live in a time where people are seeking authentic expressions of faith where looking outward and serving a community are more important than entertainment or just another Sunday experience. So why should you consider planting a church?

Church Planting is Biblical

Church planting is incredibly Biblical. Throughout the Bible (Old and New Testament), the name of God was spread by God’s people. Church planting is also a direct expression of the ways the early church was spread in the book of Acts by the Apostle Paul and other believers: new churches growing across the world and bringing many people into the life and love of Jesus. The original disciples and apostles planted churches all around the world in the name of Jesus.

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Church Planting Follows the Great Commission

Church planting is deeply rooted in Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations, tribes, and tongues, as found in Matthew 28. The Great Commission is the foundation of all mission work. In it, Jesus commands His followers to teach His commands, to baptize in His name, and to make disciples. This work (teaching, making disciples, and baptizing) is the essential work of the church.

In John 20:21, the resurrected Jesus offers his disciples an everlasting covenant of shalom and then says, “As the Father has sent me, so I send you.” So, every follower of Jesus is sent…where is He sending you?

Church Planting Works

Church planting is the most effective way to bring new men and women to Jesus. According to a Lifeway study, local church plants are more effective than established churches at reaching new people and unchurched people. Church plants are also a strategic way to spread the Gospel because church planters have the support and backing of their sending church or organization. Healthy church leaders come out of healthy organizations. And churches that can support them during the difficult yet rewarding work of church planting. 

And church plants, when done well, will result in thriving, self-sustaining, authentic, discipleship-oriented, outward-facing and reproducing communities of faith. 


Church planting is vitally important to the Great Commission. When a healthy church is planted, new people come to know Jesus and are welcomed into a community where they can be nurtured and cared for. The Kingdom of God grows and people find life with Jesus when churches are planted.

Church Planting with Communitas

At Communitas, many of our partners spend a year or two at an existing project or church plant to prepare and train to launch their own project in a new city. Joining a church planting organization is one of the best ways to get involved. If this sounds like a good fit for you, contact one of our mission coaches for an inspiring conversation here.

The call of the Great Commission is that EVERYONE should hear the good news of Jesus! And that is God’s calling for YOU and for ME. Church planters serve in churches and communities, and they are passionate about extending their reach and sharing the love of Jesus to people no matter where they are, whether that’s in America, West Africa, East Asia, and beyond! 

A church planter’s job is incredibly important and can not be categorized by just one thing. Every church planter has unique gifts and talents when it comes to living out God’s special calling on their lives. But all planters love God, love people, and engage in deep and intentional relationships wherever they go! Join us today on this dynamic adventure!

Written in partnership with Reach The Lost.

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