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Future Church Symposium 2019 Recap


As a missional movement, Communitas starts churches who follow Jesus in transforming their world. March 2019 marked the time for Communitas’s first Future Church Symposium. Participants from ten countries gathered in Amsterdam to collaborate on some of the future’s most important opportunities and challenges for the church in Europe—and beyond. The event was deliberately made…

Published 1 April 2019

Thinklings: Giving Order, Meaning and Resilience to Missional Communities in Stressful Times


“Thinklings” has been a long-standing theological “think-tank” within Communitas, drawing together our theologians and missional practitioners to wrestle deeply with theological topics. The second online Thinklings took place in November 2020, on the topic, “Missional Communities: How do we give order, meaning, and resilience to Christ-communities under what are likely to be increasingly stressful circumstances? How…

Published 27 January 2021