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God At Work In a Pandemic


In the midst of a pandemic, it’s easy to see the hardships, the struggles, the trials. But  if we look with eyes to see and ears to hear, we might just see God at work. He is always working. In southern France, for example, a long-established café culture exists. Almost everywhere, you can find small,…

Justus & Samantha Heyman


Justus and Samantha Heyman along with their four children Isaiah, Thea, Silas and Grace, have been serving the Lord in France since 2005. They have been serving in the Pays de Gex area near Geneva, Switzerland since 2009. Justus served as the associate pastor over youth and young adults at Crossroads Church Ferney Voltaire for…

Location Thoiry
Time on Staff 17 Years

ICCP – Aix-En-Provence


The International Christian Community of Provence [iccp] is an international, English-speaking church in Aix-en-Provence, France. Our Vision, Mission, Values, and Practices are stated as follows: It is our Mission is to provide life-changing encounters with God to the English-speaking community in Provence. As we do this, we also desire to be used by God to shine…

Missional Initiative – Paris


Paris is a beautiful city on the surface, with a heavy spiritual past. Today many Parisians are isolated and lonely. They are unaware our God loves them, and has never left them. We’re here to love the Parisians in our midst, meeting them where they’re at. We are a young project in the heart of…

Location Paris
Project Status Planning

Dani Reyes


I was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. During the summer of 2016, I moved to the South of France, Aix en Provence, and stumbled into an amazing international Christian Church – ICCP. Becoming part of this church opened in my heart the desire to be part of a ministry after finishing my Masters. God…

Short Term Project

Short-Term Project - Maison de la Plume: Roujan, France
Are you handy? Do you have some time on your hands? Would you like to come to the South of France for a few weeks and serve? One of our Communitas families is in the process of renovating an old school building in a neighboring village. The plan is for the building to become three self-catering holiday homes in the summer rental season, and have the capability of converting to a 22/26 bed conference and retreat center in the fall and spring. We would hope and pray that it would serve families and various types of groups during the holiday...