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Making a Difference in Berlin


Communitas often focuses on serving “the least of these,” but sometimes we interact with very influential people in advancing God’s kingdom.  One memorable example occurred in June in Berlin, Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel met Christine, the founder and director of Serve the City Berlin, one of 25 nonprofits chosen out of hundreds to be recognized…

Melinda Means


The road to my current work in Berlin began as far back as my late teens. I grew up in Dallas and at 18, first moved to Europe as an exchange student in Germany right after high school. Although I made a few trips to Berlin as a tourist prior to the Berlin Wall’s fall…

Location Berlin
Time on Staff 20 Years

Christine Thumm


I grew up in the South of Germany. I am a native speaker and a “real” German. Shortly after finishing college, I moved to Berlin (north). The reason for this transition was a employment opportunity allowed me to get training and work as a graphic designer. While working in as a graphic designer, I was involved…

Urban Monastics


Urban Monastics is community of people from all walks and backgrounds, seeking to be present with God, and be present with others. We strive to live lives honoring to God, focusing on the basic practices we see Jesus do. By prioritizing prayer, communion, and fasting, we regularly commune with God and with others in our…

Location BerlinParis
Project Status Early
Project Age 3 Years