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Our History In 2009, five people from the Oasis Church of Madrid were commissioned to start a church in the neighborhood of Malasaña. The idea was simple: to love God, to love others and to love Malasaña. The Neighborhood. For this idea to become reality, they committed to living in Malasaña and spending their first year…

Location Madrid
Project Status Closed
Project Age 12 Years

Remko Dekker


Growing up in The Netherlands, Remko was raised in a Christian home attending the local Dutch Reformed (Gereformeerd) Church. He came to a living faith while studying for his MBA in the USA. Upon returning He joined an Evangelical/Pentecostal church where he was active in many volunteer roles and played in a Christian rock band,…

Even in War, we see the Body of Christ


Christianity Today tells a story of two unlikely people praying for each other: a Ukrainian and a Russian. Two friends torn apart by war. One full of fear and the other full of shame for his nation—but each praying for the other in the midst of the current devastating situation in Ukraine. As Russia invaded…

Marcelo & Elise Farinelli


Ciao! We are the Farinelli family – Marcelo, Elise, Giulia, and Lily. God has called us to join his redemptive mission in Italy. We have been here from November 2012-April 2017 and now again from April 2019-present. We are so excited about what God is doing nationally and in our local context, and we want…

Daphne & David Fisher


In Spain and Portugal, where Daphne and Dave have been for over a decade now, new people they meet ask where they are from, no UK/Irish accent being detected. “California” they say and the most common response is “why would you move here?! California is an amazing place!” Well, they moved here to reintroduce people…

Marcus & Karen Fritsch


Marcus and his wife Karen were some of the first who applied and worked with the six dynamics long before they were called the ”Dynamic Adventure”. They were leading a missional and experimental pilot project in one of the most secular areas of the world, Sweden, trying to develop new forms of congregations and more…

From New Life to New Life

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Communitas starts and shapes communities of faith that love like Jesus in their neighborhoods. We do this by sending missionaries to new cultures and by training people in their home contexts to start churches. Some of our work is happening in the disputed territory between Ukraine and Russia, which is currently very much in the…