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No Longer Invisible

Anna story Russia 2019

Anna was abandoned by her mother at an early age and was thought to be an intellectually/cognitively disabled mute. She never spoke and showed little ability to learn or function. The local government moved her from orphanage to orphanage with no regard for her welfare. Anna was an invisible child, moving from place to place…

Russia Church Network


Communitas has over 5 churches in our Russian Network. These churches are committed to discipleship, serving the marginalized and celebrating the life of Jesus. For security reasons, we don’t list further information online. If you would like more information, please contact Michael Katzenberger, our Eastern & Central European Director.

Location Russia
Project Status Early

Serving Our Cities


How do we love our neighbor? Could it be as simple as just getting out of our houses and serving whatever need is present, whether spiritual, emotional, or physical? In the Gospels and Acts we see Christ and his followers preaching the Good News after meeting very real human needs. Healing, feeding, and serving went…