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Aparisi Iglesias family


Federico and Olga are Spaniards, and have two children (Joel and Sara). Olga has developed her work as a music teacher and Pilates instructor, while Fede has worked as an IT specialist for nearly 25 years.Both have grown up in Christian families that have given them a life based on biblical values, as well as…

Church Planter – Algeciras, Spain

We’re looking for individuals, couples or families who are good at connecting with other people. We are looking for people who are willing to engage others and share God’s love with others in sometimes hostile environments. Are you willing and able to love people where they are at? Are you patient as you engage with people and their processes? Do you like nature, culture or sports? Do you naturally engage with and bless young people? Are you passionate about helping others make their lives better? Do you have gifts that could help, engage with and inspire others (like hiking, cycling,...