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Aline’s Ministry Journey

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Since I was a teenager, I somehow knew that God would guide my way differently than having a regular life with family and children. Today, looking back, I see so clearly how God has been preparing the way–step by step–for where I am at present. After finishing my studies in Amsterdam, one of the components…

Church Planter – Proyecto Poiema Colectiva

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We’re looking for a Spanish speaker, or someone with (basic) knowledge of the language, who is looking to be a part of the ongoing development of an authentic, relevant expression of church in Spain’s third-largest city. The role includes working within a multicultural team; connecting with local churches, ministries, and/or NGO’s; working toward multiplication of yourself and the community; and contributing to the daily rhythms of community life (both church and neighborhood). We’re looking for someone that is a committed follower of Jesus Christ and has a strong commitment to the mission and values of Communitas. Ideally, we are looking...

Aline Kuiper

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I was born and raised in the Netherlands and studied Spanish, French and international (European) law at the University of Amsterdam.Since that time, my love for this country and its passionate, lively people has grown ever since. After a discipleship training with YWAM in Madrid in 2004, my desire to be involved in missions got…

Poiema Colectiva


We are a multicultural community that functions mostly in Spanish. We are spiritual seekers and followers of Jesus who are creative and dedicated to bettering our neighborhood.  As followers of Jesus and spiritual seekers, we meet weekly to explore scripture, share our thoughts and ideas, and seek to grow individually and as a community.  As…

Location Valencia
Project Status Mature
Project Age 8 Years

Amy Swacina


I was born in Chicago, grew up in Maryland, and went to Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. During high school and college I studied German, which first introduced me to the need for Christ in Europe and so at 15 years old, started to feel a call to ministry in Europe. My parents also…

The Art of Using Art as Ministry


“Love your neighbor” was the anthem Amy Swacina followed when she moved to the Ruzafa neighborhood in Valencia, Spain five years ago. The area is home to artists, musicians, dancers and, of course, non-Christians.  As a trained dancer, her love for the arts and artists made this area quickly feel like home. Amy and her…