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Caminho Comunitás


Since 2012 when we started, we not only pray, but also live out this dream and desire: May each man, woman and child have the opportunity to experience Jesus, through our friendship and affection, even before stepping their feet into our church building. We believe and experience in Brasília the power of people living out…

Comunidade Aliança Cidade dos Príncipes


Comunidade Aliança Cidade dos Príncipes exists to give every person repeated opportunities to see, hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ without having to come or go anywhere. We want to be a church used by God to help transform the city of Joinville as a group of disciples that is relevant in…

God Can Find Anyone!


Communitas International is reaching the world for Christ through many ministries, and God is touching people in many ways. If God can speak through a donkey, as we read in Scripture, He can use anything to spread the name of Christ… even social media! In Brazil, Communitas missional staff Martha and Bob Robbins are seeing…

God is Moving in Brazil


God is on the move! Even in the midst of strange COVID-19 days, we see God at work. Here are a few examples from our teams across Brazil, the nation with the second highest COVID cases in the world: São Paulo Sampa Church was our first church in Latin America. Recently, a cool relationship that…

Bryan & Terry Harms


Bryan and Terry returned to Terry’s home city, leaving their adult kids in western Canada, to help the Latin American team build a ministry network serving church-planters and Kingdom project initiators in Brazil. Their experience and passion lie in small group development as well as personal coaching in the area of emotional and spiritual development.

Iglesia Batista Orla Sul


Orla Sul Church exists to establish a loving environment towards one another, prioritizing relationships, and serving the needs of people in our neighborhoods and across the city.  We have a vision to be a continuous planter of other churches around the world.

Location Recife
Project Status Early

Making Disciples–In Real Life


What does starting new churches “actually” look like? So often we mistake starting new churches with starting new church services. Within Communitas, our driving questions whenever we start a new church are this: How and where is God already moving in our neighborhood? How can we join Him in making new disciples? Making disciples takes…

Bob & Martha Robbins


Hi! We are Bob and Martha Robbins. We both grew up in Texas, started dating in college, started doing ministry together in 1988, and were married in 1989. We have adult ‘kids’ living in the USA, working full time. Our son, DJ, lives in Chicago. Our daughter, Emmy, and her husband, Carlos, live in Austin.…

Eduardo Rodrigues


It is very interesting how I have been transformed as follower of Christ while serving others. They ministered to my heart, as I listened to their desires, dreams, laments and failures. I grew up as a husband, a father, a leader and a person finding Jesus in different aspects of my life. This beautiful journey…