7 Missionary Sending Organizations Changing the World

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“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Matthew 28:19-20

When we think about the Great Commission and Jesus’ final command and encouragement to His disciples, we think about spreading the Gospel to all the ends of the earth. There are many missionaries and mission organizations who are doing the important work of spreading the good news of Jesus in every part of the world, and you can be a part of that work, whether you are a missionary, someone looking to give money and time, or a prayer partner! 

The following mission organizations are some of the best in the world, who support their missionaries physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually in their commission to share the gospel.

Communitas International

Communitas International is a missionary sending organization that focuses on starting and shaping communities of faith that transform their neighborhoods by loving like Jesus. For 50 years, Communitas has sent people who value and respect local cultures and expressions of faith, embed themselves in communities, and love in ways that transform the people around them. Communitas has churches and church planting projects at various stages across Europe and the Americas. 

Communitas church planting is based on principles of incarnational presence: being the hands and feet of Jesus in intimate neighborhoods and communities by serving real needs, such as the homeless and abused in their cities, developing deep community, and by demonstrating the Kingdom life for people who do not yet know Jesus. Communitas says that intentional listening and looking for what God is already doing is critical to starting, growing, and sustaining incarnational faith communities. You can read more about how they start new churches here.

Local communities of faith require many gifts. Communitas offers opportunities for prospective church planters and pastors, but also has roles in accounting, communications, childcare, teaching, and more. If you are looking for a missional way to share the Gospel in Europe, South and Central America, and even in North America, Communitas is equipping people for the great work of starting new churches, and they have opportunities all over the world for long term missionaries and short term missionaries!


Frontiers missionary organization is working to “inspire transformational movements to Christ within the least-reached Muslim people”. Their mission is to recruit, train, and send missionaires to build incarnational relationships with and serve the Muslim people throughout Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. 

Frontiers offers a wide variety of opportunities for individuals, families, and large groups. They have both short-term and long-term missionary options. They also have service opportunities and partnerships that are specifically designed for churches.They put a lot of work into caring for their missionaries, and even have programs for third culture and missionary kids.

Prayer is also a pivotal part of Frontiers’ mission, and they provide prayer guides, devotionals, and Bible reading plans to help you pray intentionally for Muslim peoples. These guides can be used as a missionary on the field or if you are an individual or church who wants to pray for Muslim people. You can read more about their prayer guides and reading plans here.


Forge International is an organization that trains people as missionaries wherever they currently live. Their mission is to see the Gospel spread through relationships, with church communities emerging as a byproduct. They intentionally build partnerships with local churches, seminaries, nonprofit organizations, and parachurch ministries. 

Forge uses a “hub” based model, with different hubs in cities and countries around the world. You can find opportunities to be engaged in a hub close to where you live. If there isn’t a Forge hub in your neighborhood or city, you can start a hub in your location to see people in your community equipped to be everyday missionaries. You can read more about their hubs here.

For Forge, being a missionary doesn’t necessarily mean you have to move to another country. There are people in your own city who need to hear about Jesus. Forge is equipping people to spread the Gospel in the world immediately around them.

Greater Europe Mission

Greater Europe Mission (or GEM) is a missionary organization that is targeting the continent of Europe as a strategic and critical place to spread the Gospel. GEM sees Europe as a largely unreached continent, with less than 2% of people there living as committed followers of Jesus. And because Europe has historically been a cultural crossroads between the cultural east and west, it represents a place where the Gospel can grow exponentially. 

Greater Europe Mission has a variety of branches and they have opportunities in church planting, discipleship, Biblical education, refugee ministries, justice ministries, and professional services. You can read more about the different branches of GEM here.

GEM has been ministering in Europe for over 75 years, and supports short-term missions, internships, and medium to long-term missions all over the continent. Because they are focused on serving one particular continent, there are a wide variety of different ministries that you can engage in!


Pioneers is sending missionaries all over the world with the goal of making disciples from people of all tribes and tongues.Their hope is to reach the unreached with the Bible and share the gospel in culturally understandable ways.

Their model of partnership includes pairing their missionaries with local churches. Each missionary is commissioned by a sending church and partners with a local church where they are sent. Pioneers provides service opportunities to missionaries and church congregations who are passionate about sending.

Pioneers wants to champion and support the giftings, passions, and personalities of their missionaries. From healthcare to business to education, their missionaries are spreading the Gospel and serving God’s kingdom in many ways.

Tampa Underground Networks 

The Underground Networks in Tampa, Florida is developing microchurches and communities in this city (but also around the world). There are currently over 100 microchurches in the Tampa Bay area, with more being launched all the time. 

These microchurches are designed to build community and Gospel relationships in all different kinds of settings. In Tampa there are microchurches that are specific to those living in apartment complexes, people in the performing arts, for those who are foster families, and many others. You can see more about the different microchurches in Tampa Bay here.

If you are looking to be equipped to serve in a specific context where you live, The Underground Network’s microchurches are a great way to live missionally right where you are.

KC Underground Networks

The Underground Networks in Kansas City, Missouri is also developing microchurches and communities. As with all of the Underground Network’s churches, there are specific churches and networks that serve a variety of places and needs.

The Kansas City Underground Network has microchurches in multiple neighborhoods around the city, but they also have networks for correctional facilities, people involved in public radio, and the LGBTQ community. These networks aim to build relationships founded on Jesus all over the city.

The Underground Network is constantly equipping people with the resources, support, and tools to start their own microchurches in new ways. You can read more here about how to get connected in KC, or here if you’re looking to serve in other communities.


Send is a missionary sending organization that partners missionaries with local churches and supports missionaries all over the world. Send has a high value of caring for their partners no matter where they are. They also are passionate about inspiring others to join in the mission of sharing the gospel. 

Send International has mission opportunities for interns, full time missionaries, and church groups. They also are sending missionaries in a wide range of vocations, including education, pastoral care, and business support. They also have a wealth of benefits for their missionaries, including support raising assistance, insurance, and in-depth training. 
Send also has opportunities to support the spread of the Gospel by donating, praying, and volunteering. Even if you aren’t an international missionary, Send has an opportunity for everyone to get involved!