Urban Monastics

Bread and Wine for Communion with Urban Monastics

Present with God,
Present with Others

Vision Statement

An ecumenical monastic community committed to work, prayer, fellowship, and rest.

Mission Statement

Being present with God, and others through simple monastic rhythms in everyday life.
Rhythms that help us reconnect with God, the cities we live in, and live more holistic lives.

Urban Monastics is community of people from all walks and backgrounds, seeking to be present with God, and be present with others. We strive to live lives honoring to God, focusing on the basic practices we see Jesus do. By prioritizing prayer, communion, and fasting, we regularly commune with God and with others in our midst. We are not cloistered monks – we live in our cities and have professions outside the church. The question we’re exploring is: How can we focus on these spiritual practices and disciplines as our spiritual ancestors did, but integrating them into the context of our modern lives? 

Our community is dispersed across the globe, united in these practices that has sustained the Church for centuries. We would love for you to join us in pursuing a life that is focused on being present with God, and present with others. 

Project Leaders with Communitas