10 Everyday Summer Kick Starts To Missional Living

It’s the little things that count. True love in the small things. Living missionally is not difficult in the “skill” sense but it is difficult in the “make-it-a-priority” sense. Small, simple, consistent acts of love add up and give God more grace space in which to work. Here are 10 ideas to inspire you this summer!

  • Bring one pink balloon to a neighbor who is a breast cancer survivor after a clear mammogram
  • Take your neighbor’s trash out to the curb – just because
  • Host a neighborhood BBQ
  • Get to know your local coffee shop employees by name and something about them and their interests
  • Organize a neighborhood clean up, garage sale or service project
  • Set up a basketball hoop in your front yard and invite neighbors to play
  • Notice: important dates, interests, losses, hobbies, books, flowers, sports, food etc. and follow up on what you notice
  • Invite people in your life into favorite activities of yours: sporting events, concerts, trips, entertainment, restaurants etc.
  • Get a fire pit so you can invite others over to roast marshmallows, cook sausages and enjoy conversation
  • Offer to pet-sit for coworkers or neighbors and do a great job taking care! Leave flowers or breakfast goodies for them upon arrival!

photo credit: Brandon Christopher Warren