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Missional Initiative – Málaga


Proyecto Málaga (Missional Iniciative Málaga)-  Malaga is a city where sport is flourishing. We believe that God wants to use sports to reach people who don´t know Him and wouldn´t get to know Him in a traditional church context. There is a lot of religiosity which opens doors to talk about spirituality. The good news…

Location Malaga
Project Status Early
Project Age 5 Years

Team Member – Proyecto Málaga

Málaga, Spain
¿Amas a deportistas, Españoles y Jesús? ¡Pues mira esta oportunidad! Do you love sports people, Spaniards, and Jesus? Then check out this opportunity! The Role We are looking for people who are mature in their faith and commitment to Jesus and identify with the mission and values of Communitas and are available for a minimum of 4 years. This would be a person who loves sport and has experience serving the sports community (coach, trainer, bio mechanic, player, etc.) This person must have a high level of fluency in Spanish, being either Spanish or having adapted to the Spanish culture....