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Shannon Murray


Hola from Merida! We are the Murray family, currently living and serving in the capitol city of the state of Yucatan, Mexico and we invite you to join us on mission. We’ve been in ministry for many years in a variety of settings and God sent us on this latest adventure in 2016. Since then,…

Praying for Food

Ecuador Church

A whisper leads to sustenance: One humble outreach in Ecuador They had just finished talking about Elijah listening for God’s voice, which came in a whisper.  They asked, “if God were to speak to us in a whisper today, would we hear it?  Or are we too distracted; too busy?”  Ismael and Amy are celebrating…

Surf, Soil, And Discipleship

surf soil & discipleship

Jairo is a young man on a mission… to combine the love of surfing and service and to disciple young people along the Costa Rican coast to be fishers of men. Before God called the Ulloa family to serve as missional staff with Communitas, they spent their summers visiting missionary friends in Costa Rica. Working in…

Team Member – Guayaquil

Guyaquil Equador
Missional church planting initiative focused on students. Our missional team in Guayaquil is building a growing, family-like gathering, doing our best to throw off old church baggage and get back to what’s foundational and important: to live like Jesus… and show others what it means to live like Jesus. Are you passionate about loving and serving others and connecting with younger people? Our church planting project is full of 20-somethings who want to follow Jesus AND see many people in their neighborhoods changed as a result. We are seeking team members who can mentor young believers and give a helping...

Team Member – Tegucigalpa

Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Communitas staff member Gloria Del Cid has been leading a missional initiative to provide good schooling options for underprivileged children while also exploring options for church planting in the city.  We believe there are good opportunities for new churches to be formed.  We are looking for more people to join Gloria in Tegucigalpa to launch a new church to engage the globally minded, globally connected segments of the population in living out and extending the gospel. This opportunity is full-time, part-time or bi-vocational.

Marco & Talitha Ulloa


Marco and Talitha along with daughters Deandra and Maya have started an agriculture project named Vida Raiz {life-root} to bring Shalom to Costa Rica and beyond.  Vida Raiz Farmworks will be starting a new phase of their agricultural project in Costa Rica, working with at risk young adults.  Costa Rica is an exotic tropical destination…

Vida Raiz


Sampa Community Church is about God’s passion to see lives transformed by Jesus Christ. Sampa exists to inspire people to be active followers of Jesus who experience God’s grace and truth in an encouraging community and extend God’s love and his kingdom to our city and beyond.