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Missional Moment: Going Out in Uruguay


Meet Diego Melgar, a member of the El Living “expression” in Uruguay.  Listen as Diego talks about what it means to “go out” and touch the lives of those who may never step inside a traditional church.  Through loving people, because they were created by God, they are transforming lives in their community.

Bob & Martha Robbins


Hi! We are Bob and Martha Robbins. We both grew up in Texas, started dating in college, started doing ministry together in 1988, and were married in 1989. We have adult ‘kids’ living in the USA, working full time. Our son, DJ, lives in Chicago. Our daughter, Emmy, and her husband, Carlos, live in Austin.…

Eduardo Rodrigues


It is very interesting how I have been transformed as follower of Christ while serving others. They ministered to my heart, as I listened to their desires, dreams, laments and failures. I grew up as a husband, a father, a leader and a person finding Jesus in different aspects of my life. This beautiful journey…

Sampa Church


We are Sampa Church located in São PauloWe are an English speaking churchWe have Expats and BrasiliansWe offer Portuguese translationContemporary worship styleBiblical principles communicated clearly and applicable to life todayPartner with us as we serve projects in the city (IBTE) Our mission is to make much of Jesus by reproducing disciples who impact the world…

Location São Paulo
Project Status Mature
Project Age 7 Years

Tech/Media – Sampa Community Church

Help us tell stories, communicate truth, and inspire people with the gospel through creative use of technology and media! Sampa Community Church, an innovative international church in South America’s largest city, is looking for a person with experience and passion in creative communication and technology. Focus of role? Find new and creative ways to use technology and video to serve the church, teach about the Gospel and change the city. This opportunity is long term (3 years+) preferred, but shorter commitments are possible.