Gretta Kriner

Gretta is from Pennsylvania, and learned about Communitas through Mike and Carol Kurtyka and Amy Swacina that share the same home church. Tri-State Fellowship in Hagerstown Maryland. She originally came to Glasgow in 2021 as an intern and felt called to come back. She is a part of the Upper Room church.

Gretta supports the ministry of the Upper Room church serving in their young women’s ministry and working with their social enterprise, The House CIC.

Their main ministry, Upper Room Church, is an English & Farsi based church made up of 250+ Iranian, Kurdish and Afghan refugees. From a small home-based Bible study of ten people in 2014, it has now grown into a church that meets weekly in a local rented church building. To learn more about the work in Glasgow, Upper Room’s website is:


Time on Staff
1 Year


Team Member
Team Member



Personal Biography

Gretta has an affinity for crafting and figuring out different art projects. She loves crochet, watercoloring, and acrylic painting. She enjoys singing and is known to write parodies of songs to customer service representatives. (linked below on Instagram) She is the middle of 2 sisters. She enjoys and is quite competitive at card and board games. Something on her bucket list is swimming the English Channel before she’s 30!