Mosaic is a Christian community made up of a diverse group of people. Our gatherings are regular and informal. We value fun celebratory gatherings but also seek times of quiet reflection. While we are learning to express Christian Community in ways relevant to the 21st century, we also embrace helpful traditional practices. We are a grassroots community of faith that fosters relationships shaped around the life and practices of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Old & New Testaments of the Bible. It is our desire to know Jesus intimately and pattern our lives after his.

As a new expression of church, we try to engage people in our local context in innovative and often experimental ways.  We hope that our friends will experience change and wholeness in their lives as they take hold of the message of Jesus and participate in the community of faith. In a day when individualism is a virtue, we stress the importance of intentional relationships that help us be & become disciples of Jesus Christ. In this way we hope to reflect the very life of God through the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We invite you to explore and journey with us!


Project Stage

Early - this project is active and has a team behind it

Project Age

54 Years

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