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Marketing / Communications


This team supports Communitas through communicating the Communitas message to external and internal stakeholders. The Communications team establishes and implements an overall communication and branding plan, coordinates the Communitas website, supports staff communication requests, and helps push out the Communitas vision through Social Media. This team is also responsible for monthly stories from the field…

Missional Moment: Linus Morris on Being Sent


Listen to Linus Morris, founder of Communitas International (previously known as Christian Associates), as he talks about what it means to “be sent”.  As the institutional church struggles to be effective in today’s culture, Linus shares about the need of the church to return to its early roots when Jesus gave the instruction to His…



The mobilization team collectively reaches out to recruit and mobilize the people of God towards their calling.  Our focus is to propel the mobilization and deployment of staff across our global regions. Working together with executive and regional leaders, coaches and field staff to develop appropriate mobilization strategies and goals is our mission. Facilitating strategic…

Project Leader

As Lead Pastor, you give oversight to the staff and missionary team.  The Lead Pastor takes the initiating role in providing pastoral oversight and leadership to the health  of the community. With the aid of the elder board and missionary team, focus should  be shared among the areas of mission/evangelism, discipleship, leadership development and  establishing and sustaining essential functions of a growing and maturing church in the areas  of worship, community groups, children, operations, and other essential functions. As a natural process of living internationally, embedding in the culture and learning the language well should  be an ongoing work in...

Staff Care and Development


The SCD Team is comprised of staff with a passion to help our fellow staff THRIVE in life and on mission.  It is our foundational belief that as each of us grow in our relationship with Jesus, maturing emotionally and spiritually, we will be better able to experience the all-encompassing love of God. And out of this love experienced, we are transformed…

Summit Highlight Video 2012


In March, Christian Associates’ leaders from all over the world gathered in Hoddesdon, England, for the annual Summit conference. This year’s theme was Hallmarks of a Maturing Missional Church.  Together, these leaders discussed the characteristics of a maturing church and shared ways to achieve and celebrate them.  Take a look at this highlight video and get…