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Aparisi Iglesias family


Federico and Olga are Spaniards, and have two children (Joel and Sara). Olga has developed her work as a music teacher and Pilates instructor, while Fede has worked as an IT specialist for nearly 25 years.Both have grown up in Christian families that have given them a life based on biblical values, as well as…

Andrea Asher

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Andrea is passionate about helping others recognize and be released into their role in God’s redemptive story. With a background in developing leaders, planting missional communities and pastoring those close and far from God, Andrea serves as Chief Mobilization Officer. Her story is one of redemption, trials, perseverance and coming alive by the power of…

Location Denver
Time on Staff 2 Years

Erin Bahbah

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Erin grew up in an area where belief in God was largely assumed but not lived out well. She came to know the Lord personally after college and it was the best decision she has ever made. Erin has been working in the marketing/communications field for a decade. She has been married to her husband…

Location Michigan
Time on Staff 4 Years

Jay Benfante


I am an inspired follower of Jesus who believes God loved humanity so much that he entered into our pain, our dysfunction, our selfishness, our greed, our violence, and our suffering; he heals us, redeems us, and walks with us through these things; and he invites us on the same Journey with our friends, our…

Frank & Josefine Bouwens

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Frank Bouwens has lived in Belgium, France, and Spain and sees himself more as a European than a Dutchman. A “polyglot”, he loves to pioneer new things and has been involved in international church ministry for more than 25 years. Frank co-founded a pilgrim’s hostel in the Camino de Santiago in Spain and was a…

Brenda Renderos


Brenda has always had a knack for questioning the status quo. The questions have often been inner and personal but in recent years she has become more vocal. Her questions are not just for the sake of questioning but to deepen her understanding and guard against blindly following tradition. Brenda is a Soul Care Coach…

Brent & Becky Colaw


For over 25 years Brent has served in both corporate and ministry worlds helping leaders, both individually and corporately discover, define, communicate and activate their mission, vision and values. While working toward his degree in communications at Oklahoma Wesleyan University Brent began his career helping to build a successful non-profit development consulting firm. He further…

Tim & Renata Constable


Tim and Renata met in Warsaw back in 2003, initially just with the idea of hanging out for a few days. That has turned into 17 years of hanging out, 3 kids, 3 countries, and tens of thousands of road miles traveled together. How they got to where they are now started with a though…

Location Warsaw
Time on Staff 19 Years

Ismael Cortez & Amy Morrison


Since 2008, Ismael and Amy have been working to pair young people in Ecuador who have the dream of pursuing a higher education with sponsors who have the kindness and generosity to send them to college. The students they work with are all so different. Some will become dentists, nurses, accountants, computer programmers, pastors, and…

Kelly & April Crull


Kelly and April moved to Madrid, Spain in 2003 and over the next 12 years helped to start three faith communities: Mountainview International Church, Oasis Madrid Church, and Decoupage. They are originally from the cornfields of Iowa in the United States, where they were married in 1999. They have three children who were all born…