Geronimo Center For Innovation And Leadership – Montevideo, Uruguay

Geronimo Center
Location Montevideo, Uruguay
Project ID 82170

The Geronimo Center develops and connects leaders who will:

  • establish new churches who follow Jesus in transforming their world
  • imagine creative solutions to societal problems and mobilize people to join them in service of others
  • launch business ventures that are driven by raising the quality of life and dignity of all, especially those who are impoverished and marginalized
  • be a voice for Christ's Shalom through arts and creative communications

...through an interplay of effective strategies that include:

  • world-class training
  • personalized coaching
  • engaging individual and group retreats

Our Context: "the most secular nation in the Americas"

Even though Uruguay is one of the most international and economically privileged nations in South America, there is tremendous poverty of faith and spirit. The most secular country in Latin America, Uruguay is the only nation where Christmas was legally changed to “Family Day” and Easter called “Tourism Week.”  Uruguay also has some of the highest rates of suicide and clinical depression.  With over 50% of Uruguayan children currently born below the poverty line, this former "middle class" nation now lives with its social and economic fabric torn apart.

And yet, the last ten years have seen unprecedented potential for change. Churches are working together more. The government is recognizing its limitations, partnering with Christian NGO’s, and recognizing value in faith-based initiatives.  It is a time when projects carried out in Christ's name and with a heart for society enjoy great favor.

Our Story

In 1970, Christian businessman and lay pastor Stuart Heath purchased an 18-acre coastal estate 30 miles outside of Montevideo and named it San Geronimo.  He, his wife Irene, and her sister Gwendolyn Shepherd lived and ministered there until their passing over the last 10 years.  Matt and Toni Daniels are church-planters and social entrepreneurs with Communitas who raised the funds to purchase the estate and found the Geronimo Center for Innovation and Leadership.   Matt and Toni came to Uruguay in 2001, where they initiated new church communities, helped leaders and members revitalize ministries in the local international church, and initiated Kingdom-extending entrepreneurial initiatives.

Our Mission and Vision

Our overarching vision is for an ever-expanding network of practitioners of a variety of relevant, contextualized expressions of Church.  We see a grace-filled, grassroots movement in which small companies of men and women engage their families, neighborhoods, and societies spiritually and socially, and that Jesus, through them, seeks and saves that which is lost on every corner of the nation and beyond.

What do we see as Christ works in our midst?

  • We see networks of friends and related professionals in Montevideo and other South American cities who are eager to grow personally and who are attracted to Jesus.
  • We see networks of entrepreneurs with good ideas and faithful execution that are making lasting changes in both church and the marketplace. Through the Geronimo Center, these emerging leaders encounter Christ as they brainstorm, plan, research, and network with experts from across the world in diverse areas as their ideas turn into real missional communities and businesses.
  • We see church leaders, fellow church-planters, and their teams gaining the insight and tools to engage culture and the courage to try new things while holding fast to Truth.

Objectives, Goals and Outcomes

  1. Enhance our capacity through focused staff development and facilities improvements.
  2. Incubate 100 new church communities with missional DNA that incarnate Christ into the world.
  3. Enroll 12 emerging entrepreneurs (church or business) in a leadership formation pathway.
  4. Strengthen a continent-wide church-planting movement through an annual conference, monthly newsletter, website, regional meet-ups, and presence at keystone events of the Latin American evangelical church.
  5. Establish a Leadership and Innovation Coaching Identity in the marketplace in order to maximize impact and achieve self sustainability.

If you would like to become part of this team, or learn more about the San Geronimo Missional House, please email Matt Daniels.

Learn more about the Daniels.

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