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Matthew and Anna Davis

Davis Family 2019

Davis Family

Location Umbria, Italy
Position Missionaries
Email mdavis@gocommunitas.org
Team Member ID 40409


The Davis family has been called to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth through love and to proclaim freedom for the captives (Isaiah 61). They have served for a few years voluntarily in Rwanda Africa helping with women’s ministries and leading a discipleship course for ex criminals.

In 2015, Matthew, Anna and their son Oliver moved to North Umbria, Italy from Denver, CO after hearing a strong calling from the Lord. Initially, they went without a ministry covering and funded their mission through selling possessions, their home & car.  They arrived in the small town of Citta Di Castello with 6 bags, their dog Walter and their 1.5 year old.

The last few years, Matthew & Anna have gone back and forth between Italy and Denver. Most of their work and ministry thus far has been meeting people, earning the right to be heard and a lot of intercessory prayer throughout the city streets of now 3 different towns in the region. They are excited to be a part of a new family and covering with Communitas and to begin hosting bible studies and more intentionally serving those around them in their community.

Anna has lived all around the US including Kansas, Texas and New York. She grew up with parents who were in ministry mostly with Young Life.  Since Anna was 10 years old, God gave her a strong passion for Italy & to live there.  She is of Sicilian descent and studied abroad in Florence, Italy in 2003. Anna is a celebrated fashion merchandiser and runs her own business consulting firm as well as a spiritual styling ministry to help awaken the sleeping beauties to their true identity in Christ.

Matthew is from Omaha, where he went to school at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He has lived in Long Beach California and Denver Colorado. He had a successful career in corporate sales for several years, yet is excited about his new call to full-time ministry with Communitas.  He runs a small business called Righteous Trading Company importing automobiles from South Africa for resale in the US with the vision to help awaken men’s hearts through adventure.  He hopes to do this again with Italian vehicles.

Oliver is a world traveler.  He had his passport at 3 months old, celebrated his 1st birthday in Rwanda Africa and travels seamlessly between the cultures of the US to Italy.  His vivacious and goofy personality has opened many doors to deepen relationships and he’s been known to make just about everyone smile with his killer dance moves.

Anna and Matthew met in Denver and were married in 2012.


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