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Michael Katzenberger

Michael Katzenberger
Location Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
Position Central & Eastern Europe Advancement Team Director
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/katz84
Email katz@gocommunitas.org
Team Member ID 41222


Michael and his wife reside in Thousand Oaks. Michael served with Saddleback and Calvary Community Churches before coming onto the Communitas staff in 2004. His passions include ministry to orphans, leading short-term missions teams and serving in discipleship ministries. In addition to his work overseas, Michael currently sits on the executive board of Forge America and enjoys coaching local US church planters.

Michael’s ministry covers all the former USSR. His approach to ministry is to see an uncommon unity amongst Eastern Europe churches as they devote themselves to furthering the Gospel of Jesus through discipleship, caring for those in need, and the beginnings of new churches. Currently there are 12 churches in Russia, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Czech Republic, and Romania.

A little known fact about Michael is that he has never published a book, sang on a CD or performed on the silver screen but has had 6 books and 3 CD’s dedicated to him and was the influence for one character in a Hollywood Movie (and no it was not Tommy Boy).

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