Jack & Stephanie Wolfe

Jack & Stephanie Wolfe
Location Atlanta, GA, USA
Position Senior Director, Epic Faith & Southeast Regional Director
Project Epic Faith
Website https://www.epicfaith.org/
Email jack@myepicfaith.org
Team Member ID 42360


Jack and Stephanie Wolfe love missions. They have been on teams around the world over their 30 years in ministry.  Now they are answering a new call to help others see missions as a part of everyday life – teaching them to live as missionaries in their own context. Inspiring, coaching, mentoring and assisting those with a heart to push into darkness.  By embedding in communities, starting projects and joining teams around the world they further the kingdom of God.

Jack serves as the Southeast Regional Director on the North America Advancement Team for Communitas International. Under their leadership, Epic Faith was among the beta test groups for Dynamic Adventure: A Guide to Starting and Shaping Missional churches, which was created and developed by Communitas.  This pivotal resource is for the mission-minded to explore, imagine and discover what church could look like in a local context. 

Stephanie is a Master Certified Health and Wellness Coach with Dr. William Sears, MD.  She is a sought-after speaker, mentor, and leader in the health and nutrition world. Owner of The Whole Food Health Coach, she helps her clients achieve optimal health through the power of whole food nutrition, body system optimization, and Spirit-filled living. She supports Jack, and the ministry of Epic Faith with her teaching gift and creativity. 

Jack, now 60, is a man of passion who lives his life in much the same way as Moses from Deut. 34:7 “When Moses was 120 years old it was said that his eyes never dimmed, nor did his heart fail.”  He desires to always be learning, pressing forward, and devoted to kingdom impact.

Jack and Stephanie have been married since 1974. From 1985-87 they served happily in full-time youth ministry in rural Indiana, then God called them to Atlanta to pioneer a church. That little church plant grew from the Wolfe’s family of 4, to multiple services (one in Spanish), 12 full time staff including a Spanish pastor and combined weekly attendance totaling nearly 1000 at its peak.  The church planted 2 other churches in its time on Main Street in the little town of Duluth, Georgia.

Successful by all traditional standards, right?  Well, in 2005, God again chose Jack as a pioneer, calling him to move from a traditional attractional Sunday experience model to an integrated missional model of ministry in the same town. It didn’t make sense, as there were very few examples in those days of anything like it, so listening to and obeying the Holy Spirit to follow this new path was a powerful (and fearful) thing.

Misunderstood by most, but completely confident God was doing something unique, Jack transitioned a traditional 1000-member church.  The church sold two properties – the original location on Main Street and 40 acres of land where plans to build a 1300 seat auditorium were scrapped.  Instead, they purchased a run-down 6-acre swim-tennis community center with 12 tennis courts and an inoperable junior-olympic size swimming pool.

Jack and his team remodeled and redesigned the complex opening a 7-day a week community center known as Epic Family Life Center.  Tennis, swim, and dance instructors taught classes, weekend tennis tournaments, and a full-service commercial restaurant was open to the community, alongside of a Sunday morning worship event with open expression of faith in Jesus Christ.  It was non-traditional and exciting, but LOTS OF WORK.  Times were tough and resources lean, but God was in it all, and He was about to make another change. Enter Communitas, through introduction of Alan Hirsch. 

Now, Senior Director of Epic Faith, Jack offers missional advancement through Dynamic Adventure and FORGE Training.  Locally, Epic Faith is a hub for a growing network of micro-churches embedding authentic faith in the Greater Atlanta area through projects and initiatives.  Jack and Stephanie attend Epic Faith Duluth Micro and meet Sundays 10am at Piatto’s Fresh Kitchen and Bar 3140 Main St. Duluth, GA 30096 in the bar area below the restaurant. 

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